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Shortfill e-liquids. Cost effective vaping.

Posted by simon 16/11/2020 0 Comment(s)

Shortfill liquids have become a big thing since everything changed with the new rules governing vape liquid sales in 2017 (The TPD - Tobacco Products Directive). It meant that no bottle could be sold that contains nicotine in a quantity bigger than 10ml. This meant a lot of tiny bottles. Smaller quantites + more packaging=price increase. This doesn't even cover the addtional environmental impact from all the extra plastic. This gave rise to the shortfill bottle. There were big bottle before, but they were all pre mixed.

What is shortfill?

Shortfill liquids are generally manufactured in 50ml, 100ml, and sometimes 200ml as the standard sizes. You get your bottle of deliciousness, and shots of nicotine, in 10ml bottles (making it all perfectly legal) and add the nicotine yourself. Its called a shortfill, as the bottle is "filled short" -  a gap is left for you to add the nicotine to. For a 50ml bottle, add one "shot", a 100ml two shots, and a 200ml four shots. Then give it a shake, and you're done. The main downside to these bigger bottles is that they will only support lower strengths, a 3mg being standard, but you can up it to a 6mg if there is enough space, or you use some liquid and top it up. Adding more and more nicotine is an option, but as the neat solution is tasteless, you would very quickly end up with a bland bottle of nothingness really, so we don't advise it.

Whats so good about it?

First off, you have a big bottle that is going to last you a while. Its going to cost you less per ml than small bottles,due to economy of scale, and make less waste. I personally get through about 100ml of liquid a week, so it suits me just fine. There is a HUGE range of flavours out there too, and they tend to be a lot more varied than the little bottles. They make great vapour, due to their generally high vegetable glycerin content.For my money, I also find they have much stronger flavours.

What are the downside?

First off you have a big bottle of liquid. Choose wisely. You don't want a big bottle of something that seemed a good idea at the time sitting looking back at you, unloved on a shelf, because you became bored with the flavour. Also a lot of shortfills tend to be a 70vg/30pg mix, so they are not ideal for a lot of smaller pen type vapes. Great for bigger thirstier devices though. Some people may find the bigger bottles off putting due to their size (they look odd in your pocket) but that is a pretty small consideration when weighing it against the money you are going to save.


I hope this has been helpful

stay safe.



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