Rebuildable Tanks

Posted by simon 13/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

Today I'm going to take a look at something some of you may not have heard of (but a lot of you will have), rebuildable tanks, and drippers.

 What are they? 

It's sort of in the description really. It's a vape tank that you can rebuild the coils on. With a normal tank, when you get a burned coil, you unscrew the old coil, throw it away, and install a new one.With a rebuildable, you keep the coils but change the wicking, when it burns out. This is sort of "old school" tech, but over the years has kept pace with regular tanks.

There are two main categories: Rebuildable tanks (RTA) and rebuildable drippers (RDA).

Geekvape ZEus RTA

The geekvape zeus RTA

The Hellvape Dead rabbit v2 RDA

As you can see, the top picture looks just like your normal tank. The bottom picture looks somewhat different. That's because there is no glass tank on a dripper,you literally drip the liquid directly onto the coil and the wick, hence the name. The tanks you fill in the normal manner.

The great joy of rebuildables is the variety of coils you can use in them. Some people wind their own coils, som epeople buy custom ones, and some buy packs of prebuilt. It is entirely up to you, and there is a HUGE range of different coils in different styles, power ratings, and sizes.

With a little practice (and a couple of youtube tutorials - I love youtube, so very handy) you will be able to pop in a new set of coils, and wick them almost as quickly as you would change a normal disposable coil. Coil longevity will vary according to material, wattage, and juice used, but for the actual metal coil, I will often get a month or more out of a set, and change the cotton maybe once every three days or so, as Im running at a high wattage.

The other great thing about them (apart from tinkering away with some little screwdrivers) is the vapour production, especially on drippers. As a dripper is shorter, and has no chimney like a tank, you get a sudden rush of pretty thick vapour, and lots of it. I often find the flavour to be better too, but that might just be me.

They really are worth a try, if you have been vaping for a while, want to go down the money saving route, and enjoy fiddling with gadgets. You WILL need a relatively powerful mod to run a rebuildable on, but if you are into vaping, and like a billowy cloud, chances are you have one already.

Next week I will do a quick tutorial on how to install and wick a rebuildable, because I dont want to turn this into an essay.

I hope this brief introduction is of some help to you.

Stay safe, Simon.




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