Vaping and Covid 19

Posted by simon 04/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

With lock down easing across the UK, and the rest of the world, a lot of us are all emerging from a three month hibernation into a new, changed world, with new rules, regulations, and a strange social structure where we don't go near each other anymore.

I've been open at the Caernarfon store for a week now, and in that time I've had a few people asking (quite sensibly) about if its safe to vape, where they can vape, and is it ok to do it indoors. So I thought I had really better look into it all.

Can i get Covid 19 from other peoples vape?

This is the biggy question! I have spent the last week looking at every news article, and study, and WHO advice that I could find, trying to get some concrete answers. The long and short of it is: Probably no more so than if you had someone breathe on you. Although there is some evidence that a sufferer MAY be able to breathe out some viral particles with their exhaled vapour, the overwhelming opinion is that the risk, especially outside, is extremely low. As the density of matter exhaled is very low, the risk is negligible. But out of safety and just good old courtesy, don't blow your vape on anyone, be discreet. A lot of people are still quite nervous about being out, so we all need to do our bit to help make things as safe as we can for them, and us. 

Is Vaping safe with the virus about?

Vaping is exactly as safe to do as it was before the start of the pandemic, still 95% less harmful to the body thatn cigarettes, according to the RCS and NHS England. The reduction of stuff like tar and particulates that you get vaping vs smoking is good, as less muck in your lungs means potentially greater chances of recovery if you (and I REALLY hope you do not) get a dose of Covid 19. The chances are that if you do get it, even a relatively mild dose, you are not going to feel a lot like either vaping or smoking anyway, so it's kind of a moot point, but its good to be informed.

Can I vape outside?

From the few published articles I have read, combined with the state advice on viral transmission in out of doors settings, vaping outside is probably the best case scenario if you happen to be near other people. Keeping up the two meter distancing advice is a great idea anyway, but if you have to have a vape outside is the best bet at the moment. Really, you should be considering a mask in public. I wear one from leaving home, to getting to work, and and back again, so vaping in public for me is mostly out. Some local authoties are asking people not to smoke or vape when queuing in public, so bear that in mind.  If you are going to do it in the great outdoors, just remember to exhale downwards, not straight out.

What about vaping indoors, around other people?

Again this is partly down to discretion, and keeping others feelings in mind. Indoors there is less air flow, so vape is going to hang about longer. The majority of people I have had come into the shop, have not vaped. I've not had to ask them not to, they just haven't. I'm not sure if that is because a lot are wearing masks, or if it is just people don't seem to want to hang about in shops anymore for a chat, but there it is. There is no conclusion on risk of vaping indoors that I could find, but I'm going to call it and say "If you can avoid it, do, just to be courteous, and on the side of caution". I'm behind distancing lines, PPE screens, and a face shield when im working and have a fan blowing from behind me to help dissipate things.

So there you have it. Just make sure you keep on with masks, hand washing, sanitizer, and distancing, and you are just as safe as everyone else.

Stay safe, Simon.

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