Why should you buy from your local Vape store?

Posted by simon 17/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

What are the benefits of going to a vape shop, over going to a supermarket, corner shop, or another multi purpose store to buy your vape products?


Lockdown has affected how we buy things in many different ways. Online sales have gone up, retail sales have fallen right across the economy (but are now heading the right way again). This has meant, if people didn’t have access to a website, they had to go foraging at petrol stations, super markets, and corner shops.

So what are the pros and cons of getting things from a dedicated vape shop vs another outlet?



Vape retailers have a greater choice of devices and liquids available. If you just want a disposable pod system, go for it, but your local vape shop is going to have a better range of devices they can tailor to your individual needs. Vapes are not a “one size fits all” deal. You will find it a much nicer experience using a device that suits you, rather than just a generic off the shelf “puff and go” pen.



Vape shops specialise in liquids, lots of them, in a range of strengths, sizes and flavours. Even a small shop is going to have several dozen, if not hundreds of flavours, and you can bet they have tried most of them, so know what they’re like. The staff will also know what kind of liquid goes best with various vapes. “Need a high vg/pg mix fruit flavour? I know just the thing”, “that juice won’t work well with that small device, it will burn your coil” It’s our trade, we know about it.

Supermarket/petrol station/convenience stores will have a limited range, will quite likely not be so well informed on what the best type of liquid is for your needs, and they lean towards really strong, and often not the best tasting flavours. Some of the very cheap liquids can also taste pretty rough. There is a reason they are so cheap. You get what you pay for is a very true adage.




As previously said, non specialists won’t necessarily have the knowledge about the devices that a “proper” vape shop will. We get stuff out of boxes and get to know how to use them, read reviews and tutorials, and most importantly won’t sell something we wouldn’t be happy using. We can also help with any issues you might have, like a leaky tank, coils making popping noises, or a mysterious coil you have no idea of what it is. We probably know what to do, or have the coil in a tray somewhere. Plus we WANT to help. You being happy with your device is important, we would rather get it sorted than see you start smoking again.


Consumer safety:

Most vape shops will gladly set up and explain how to safely use your new shiny vape. We’ve all seen the horror stories of exploding batteries, and you can bet more than one vape shop employee has thrown their hat in frustration at some of the things people do. We can and will answer your questions, and point out how to make things easier for you, or explain where you are going wrong. It’s cool, don’t sweat it, it’s a learning experience and we all had to start somewhere.

Another aspect of safety is consumer confidence. If your supermarket vape dies, and you need an exchange, you might be able to get it sorted at the kiosk, if you have a receipt, but that may well not be the case from a convenience store “Caveat Emptor - buyer beware”. The majority of vape stores will offer some form of warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that if something does go awry, that they can help you get it sorted out with a minimum of stress.


So there you have it. Just remember, however you choose to shop, stay safe.



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