Cleaning your vape

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Keeping you vape neat as a pin is important, especially with things the way they are at the moment. As with any other piece of electronics, they last longer, and work more efficiently with a bit of weekly maintenance.  So with that in mind here’s a few tips and tricks for getting a lovely clean vape.



Let’s start at the top, shall we?

The drip tip: The drip tip is a much neglected part of your vape, and is perhaps one of the bits that needs the most regular looking at. Make sure it’s not chipped. Chipped drip tips can harbour germs, as well as being uncomfortable to use. If it is damaged, replace it. Also give it a wipe and check inside for any build up of “gunk”  - it is generally dead skin cells or dust/lint, and not only can it constrict your airflow but if any debris falls down into the coil, it’s going to taste gross.


The top section/chimney:

Normally these don’t have much happen to them, as they are robust metal. However checking them to make sure screw threads and air holes are clean and free of any debris or dust is a good idea, as if they don’t screw down properly, the chance of a leaky tank is higher, and that as many will know, is really annoying. If you need to clean off any build up of liquids, warm water and a bit of kitchen roll is normally adequate, for stubborn build ups isopropyl alcohol is a great remedy, as it sterilises the surface, as well as “denaturing” vegetable glycerine - stripping it from the surface without leaving an oily residue.


The glass:

This should be easy enough to spot if there’s a flaw. If the glass is cracked or chipped you will get leaks and/or a poor seal, so get a spare, just in case. Again warm water and kitchen roll is normally enough to cleanse it.


The coil:

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain to you about coils, and the need to change them once in a while. Burned gungey coil…you always remember your first. Just don’t wash them out with water, if it’s looking tatty replace it.


The base:

Again these are normally legal, so are hard to hurt. Most tanks have air flow at the bottom, so check for debris, and make sure the inside is clean. If the coil can’t contact the base properly, you are going to get an inaccurate reading, and at worst it’s not going to fire at all.



The device:

Theres so many different devices on the market, that a definitive list isn’t really practical, but here are a few tips to make sure you stay in good working order.

Batteries: Always check you external batteries for dents, bulges, ripped wraps, and any unusual damage, if in doubt, replace the batteries, or take them to a vape shop who will advise you if they’re still ok to use.

The connector: The metal connector for the device to the tank should be dry and free from foreign bodies. The last thing you want is a tiny swimming pool of vape juice. It can dribble inside the device and damage the electronics. Clean/ mop it out with some paper towel and maybe a dab of isopropyl alcohol.

Screens: If your vape has a screen, check it once in a while to make sure there’s no damage to it. They’re generally very tough, so don’t break easily. Just keep an eye open for any condensation in them.

The battery bay. Have a look and make sure there is no moisture in there. Moisture inside a vape is not good, also check there are no dented or rough bits that stop it closing properly, or may damage the battery.

Charge port: the micro USB port on a lot of vapes is the most delicate part. Always be careful putting the cable in and when removing it. For external battery devices, a broken charge port is annoying, but you can pick up a battery charger. For internal battery devices, a broken charge port means game over once the battery has discharged. Devices with a usb C connector are more forgiving, but do be careful.

For built in battery devices, look to see if there are any big dents. I’m not talking scuffed paint, but proper “dings” if it has a big dent, it may well press against the Battery, and cause a venting failure, and that id something you REALLY won’t want. Again, if you have concerns, take it to a professional. None of us want you to have an accident.


I hope this has been of some use to you.

Stay safe.


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