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The Ursa Quest kit from Lost Vape.

Posted by simon 13/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

The  Ursa Quest kit is a cool and innovative new device from the clever folk at Lost Vape.

It’s both a pod mod AND a regular mod, with the aid of a clever adaptor. Powered by a single replaceable 21700 battery, you can also power it with a single 18650 battery, if you use….ANOTHER ADAPTOR! (This device is really really flexible). It also comes with a USB-C adaptor port, so it can quick charge the battery if you are in a hurry.



On to the mod: It’s a solid well built device, feels great to hold, and can reach a max power of 100 watts with the 21700 battery installed. Talking of the battery and installation, you unscrew the bottom of the device to fit the battery, and then screw the cover on, and you are good to go. Really simple, and feels very secure.

The Ursa comes in a variety of colour combinations and panel styles, including various wood and leather finishes, and its all styled in the sleek angular zinc alloy  look that we’ve come to expect from Lost Vape. As for its internal workings, the chip set works in variable wattage/ voltage/bypass/temp/VPC modes, and all of the settings are easily visible and controllable with the clear bright screen on the side of the mod. Again, super flexible.



And finally: The pod(s) and clever changeable top section. The kit comes with two different pods, and variable airflow. The Ursa pod, and the Ursa pro pod. Both types of pod take press fit coils, which you install by unscrewing the tank from the pod base, popping the old coil out, and replacing it. The two pods are there to satisfy all your varied vaping needs. The basic pod is great for a tighter MTL type draw and the pro pod is for people who like “them clouds”. Theres loads of coils too ( Ursa pod - .15/.2/.3/.6/1.0 and RBA. Ursa pro - .15/.3/ and RBA) so there is something for everyone! Also included is a 510 adaptor deck, so you can put your own tank (up to 30mm diameter) on top and use that if you don’t want to use the pods. Swapping from one to the other is a piece of cake too. Simply press the release buttons either side of the mod, and the adaptor pops loose, not wobbly magnets, no fuss.



So there you have it. The Ursa quest kit. What do I think of it personally? Well, I will openly admit I love Lost vape stuff. I have a couple of other LostVape devices, and they are tough as nails, reliable, and look good. As for this one, I think it will continue their line of high end but good value kits. Its innovative and flexible (I’ve used that word a LOT) enough to have real staying power, and last you a long time. Having a choice of battery types is always a good thing, but I would be inclined to carry a spare if you plan on using it all day, and don’t have a plug socket handy. and the combinations of coils and tanks means it’s a great choice for a catch all device. I would give it a solid 8.5/10

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