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Summer vaping tips.

Posted by simon 26/06/2021 0 Comment(s)

We are approaching the warmer months of the year, although it might not seem like it at the moment. When the clouds clear, and we all start (responsibly) enjoying ourselves over the summer holidays, a lot of us are going to be taking our vapes on a road trip. So, what can you do to make sure you get the best out of vaping whilst you are out and about? Here’s a few handy tips!


Obviously stocking up on your favourite liquids and coils is going to be a no brainer, bu what else? Personally, I always try to take a spare glass for my tank away with me, because if I’m going to smash my tank at any point in the year, you can guarantee its going to be when I’m the furthest away from a vape shop that I can be, and there is no certainty that a vape shop you find on your travels is going to have the bit that you need. Then is new vape time, and that can be costly. I also carry a spare set of fresh charged batteries with me, as a low power message half way through the day is going to ruin things if there is no power outlet handy. Another thing to think about is a power pack, especially if your device has an inbuilt battery. They are pretty cheap, and a lot even have inbuilt solar cells to help keep you topped up (battery level paranoia is totally a thing). Please also consider taking a back up vape. I carry a little pod system with me, just in case my big device bites the dust for some reason.


If you happen to be going to a beach, here’s a tip:

Sand…sand is the enemy of vapes, as it sticks to EVERYTHING, clogs coils, blocks air flow, gets under seals, and destroys screw threads. It loves clinging to e-liquid, and can gum up the works quicker than you can say “ That seagull stole nans chips”. I advise taking a sealable plastic bag with you, and when not using it, keeping your vape in there, keeps it safe, sound, and sandless. Remember to keep it out of prolonged sunlight (I will explain below)


Heat and vapes:

Vapes of any sort really hate being hot. Did you know that if, as an example, it is 24c/75f degrees outside, in direct sun, your car interior can hit 38c/100f in ten minutes, and after half an hour, a whopping 50c/120f!  That is too hot for most anything to work properly. You run the risk of venting your batteries, thus destroying your device. It will also leak like you would not believe. E-liquid tends to have at least fifty percent vegetable glycerine as a main component, and the warmer it gets, the thinner it gets. The thinner it gets, the more it wicks. The more it wicks without vaping it, the more collects in the coil. Before you know where you are you have a dashboard covered in runny but lovely smelling liquid.  If you must keep a vape in the car, and are leaving your vehicle for some wholesome activity, I would suggest putting it in the boot, or at least leaving it in the glove box. Treat it like you would a pet. Keep it cool and don’t leave it in a hot car.


Finally, be aware of your surroundings. If you happen to be abroad, please look up their regulations on vaping. Most of Europe is pretty cool about it, but some places like Singapore, you can actually get arrested for even owning a vape.

Be considerate of other folk, and don’t make huge plumes wherever you are, and you can’t go far wrong.


Have a lovely safe summer, and take good care of yourselves.


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