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W.H.O knows best?

Posted by simon 30/07/2021 0 Comment(s)

In the news this week, the WHO (world health organisation) have recommended that sales of vaping products need tighter regulation, to stop vaping being a “gateway” to smoking in later life.


Whilst we can’t speak for every company in the UK, we are personally totally ok with this. We have a “no I.D. - No sale” policy, and operate under the challenge 21 scheme, so this isn’t an issue for us. If you are lucky enough to happen to have a baby face, and get carded, frankly I’m envious.  We believe that kids shouldn’t be smoking anyway, and people who sell to minors knowingly have only got themselves to blame if they get in trouble.

As for vaping being a “gateway” to smoking, there is no conclusive evidence that this is the case. The vast majority of vapes are ex smokers, who have quit the evil sticks for a variety of reasons (Expense, health, fed up with smelling like a forest fire). I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times people have come in as non smokers, and left with a vape. It almost NEVER happens.  In fact, I have dissuaded a few. “It looks cool” is a weird reason to start doing anything, vaping included.



This also leads me to the news that was doing the rounds (and still is) that the WHO are proposing a ban on vaping globally. They did a REALLY long report on vaping, and nowhere in the report did it say they were proposing a ban. It was all the usual scare tactic, media hype that said that.

PHE (public health England) are quite firmly behind vaping as an aid to smoking cessation. The have also done studies that point to the fact that is it also two times more effective than other nicotine replacement methods (patches, gum, or sprays). Plus there is the long established fact that vaping is ninety five percent, or more, safer than smoking combustible tobacco. Especially in the current climate, anything that reduces the burden on the NHS is a good thing.


Vaping in the UK isn’t about to change anytime soon. So go ahead and enjoy all your delicious flavours.


I hope this was informative.

Stay safe.


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