The etiquette of vaping in public

Posted by simon 15/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Vaping étiquette. It’s an important thing to contemplate the people around you when you are vaping in public. there is a common misconception that vaping is somewhat like smoking, and that “passive vaping” is a thing. So, people who are not in the know may be annoyed or offended by people vaping near them. Popular media seems to show all vapers as the snap back wearing “clouds bro, clouds” type, whereas most of our customers are just everyday folk, trying to quit tobacco. Vaping is becoming ever more popular, so a bit of vaping politeness will go a long way to allaying common fears of us.

Heres a few tips to help you get on with those around you, with a minimum of funny looks. The following are ideas from a personal perspective, but I think they’re good.

1. Be aware! If you are in an enclosed space, like a covered bus stop, it’s probably best to either not vape, or discreetly do it by the door so you can blow it outside.

2. Not in the face! Don’t blow vapour into other people faces. It’s a pretty basic rule of common decency, but i’ve seen people do it on several occasions. Theres just no need, it’s not funny, and people will no doubt get annoyed if you do.

3. Check your wind! We’ve all had the pleasure of being down wind of someone smoking a cigarette, and having their nasty smoke blown over us. Don’t be that person. Although liquids tend to smell pretty nice, most people still won’t want it second hand. Try standing down wind if you can.

4. Blow it down! I find that if i’m vaping outside, a good strategy for minimising wafts clouds to peoples faces is to blow the vapour at me feet. It dissipates into a low laying fog puddle that is easily dispersed low down.

5. Not on the bus! Vaping is actually banned on public transport, so don’t vape there. It’s not worth getting kicked of the bus or train.

6. Smaller puffs! if you take a shorter puff, or don’t inhale so deeply, you will produce a bit less vapour. If you let it out slowly it will also produce a great reduction on exhaled vapour. this is commonly referred to as “stealth vaping”.

7. Ask first! Going to a friends house? Pub? Restaurant? Ask if it’s OK to vape. The last thing you or anyone else wants is a scene being caused, and an evening being ruined by being asked to stop, or worse, to leave.

8. Get a smaller device! Many of us have great big impressive vape. These are great and delicious, and fun to use, but when out and about, less is often more. I tend to carry a handy stick type device for when I’m out on the town. It fits discreetly into a pocket, doesn’t weigh much, and produces enough vapour to be satisfying, without drawing attention due to me being wreathed in an ominous looking (but fruity smelling) cloud.

9. Not in the car! If you must vape in a car, first off, follow steps 4 and 6. Also open a window and blow it out of that, if you can. A big billowy cloud in a car is pretty dangerous.

10. Be polite! If someone has a problem with you vaping near them, move. If they ask you to stop, or do it outside, then comply. Arguing the toss over your right to vape anywhere you like will make you look bad, and put peoples backs up. I hope this has been helpful to you.

Applying these guidelines should help in your daily routine, and avoid any unneeded unpleasantry.

Vape on!


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