Rise of the Pod People

Posted by simon 08/06/2019 0 Comment(s)

In the past couple of years there has been a new style of device popping up on the market. The pod system.

At first, I was a sceptic about them, thinking they were maybe a fad, but they have proved very popular, and I myself now own several, and am very pleased with them. They are masterpieces of convenience.

The pod is mainly aimed at people who want a simple, discreet device that's not going to be too obtrusive when they are out and about, but still want to get their nicotine. Because of their small size, and (compared to a big box mod) and lower power consumption they are ideal when combined with nic salt vape liquids, which tend to have a much greater strength than normal vape liquids. For instance, I have been using a 20mg nic salt in my Voopoo Nano, with no adverse effects. I normally use a 0.3mg liquid in my big mod set up.


So how does it work?

These little devices are powered with built in rechargable batteries, are generally low output devices (they dont make vast plumes of vapour - the Smok nord being the exception) and charge up in around an hour to an hour and a half. Battery life, I've found, is pretty good, especially if you use nic salts, because a little goes a long way, so you don't use the device anywhere near as much as you would with regular liquids.

The business end of the device is the actual "pod" bit. The pod is an all in on "AIO" system, so it is generally a chamber with the coil built into it, and filled from a small port on the under side, or side of the pod, this is usually sealed by some form or rubber bung. So you fill it, and use it for a couple of weeks until the coil goes, and then replace the whole pod. Some pods, such as the Smok Nord, and Aspire Nautilus AIO, and Aspire breeze systems use a replaceable coil, but the majority are a fire and forget type arrangement.

The Smok Nord pod

Some pod set ups have a fire button, with the standard five clicks on/ five clicks off arrangement, but an equal amount use a "direct draw" method of firing. A little pressure sensor in the device is activated when you pull on it, and is stops when you do. Quite a neat way of doing things.

They are ideal devices for a night out too, as their compact size and shape enables them to be put into a pocket. bag, or jacket without weighing you down.

The price point on them is attractive too, with a kit setting you back only about £25 -30.


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