What's this mesh?

Posted by simon 07/10/2019 0 Comment(s)

You may have seen "mesh coils" advertised as an option for your tank (and dripper) over the past few years. Whats it all about? What are the pro's and cons?

Mesh coils have been floating about for years in one form or another.  Their first use was in rebuildable tanks where it was used as a wicking material, before cotton took over. It was a bit of a faff, as you had to heat the metal to oxidize it, and then carefully place it in the device, so it never really became super popular, and laid dormant for some time. Then someone remembered they had  really good surface area, and in vaping, surface area is king.


Traditional coils are made of...well...a coil, hence the name. Its a spiral of wire that carries an electrical current and heats the coil, making tasty tasty vapour. But they're thin, and thin doesn't have a lot of surface area. Companies remedied this by introducing more coils into the coil housing, with sometimes eight or more coils stuffed into the casing! Other coil types were created, initially for dripping atomisers, but they too worked their way into everyday use, the prime example of this being the "clapton coil" (a type of coil that increases surface are by tighly wrapping a thinner wire round a thicker central core, like a guitar string). There are whole communities on line dedicated to making the most ornate and complex coils,like juggernauts, aliens, fraliens, stapled, framed...the list goes on and on, it's good vape nerdy fun.

Then someone had a lightbulb moment. You could use a flat piece of mesh instead of some skinny wire, and hey presto! the mesh coil was born! Much greater surface area, means better vaporisation, bigger clouds and generally (IMO) a better flavour, and you don't have to run a masive power house of a machine to heat the coil. Also because you are not having to run them as hot as a comparative regular wire coil, they last longer too!

Most mesh strips are not a true mesh, but a thin sheet of metal, with tiny holes punched in them. I've been using them for about a year now, and I'm sold. I thought initially they were kind of gimmicky, but they are actually (IMO) a real innovation.

To finish up, here is a quick list of pro's and cons mesh coils.



1. Better flavour and vapour

2. Faster "ramp up" -  how long the coil takes to get to the right temperature.

3. They don't eat up your battery power as quickly.

4. A lot of companies now make mesh coild for existing tanks.

5. More even heat distribution means less "hot spotting" - heat build up in one part of the coil, so mesh coils last longer.


1. They can be a bit thirsty, as having a higher surface area means more juice is consumed.

2. If you like a hot vape, they may not be for you.

3. Some people find the draw on them a bit too "airy"



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